EBU – Electronic Breaker Unit

UPS units are essential in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry today. They ensure supply reliability in the event of power failure or mains' fluctuations. Often a UPS doesn't trip an MCB in the event of short circuit in the load circuit. This results in a shutdown of the output voltage.

E-T-A's new EBU circuit breaker is the first device to ensure reliable and stable supply of UPS equipment. An EBU can be adjusted to the equipment and will reliably trip in the event of a failure. Only the affected load path will be disconnected. Users benefit from faultless operation and significantly reduced costs. The UPS unit can be sized one-third smaller, resulting in an approximately 40% reduction in energy costs and a smaller system, requiring less space.

The EBU will soon pay itself off and it provides enhanced system availability. The EBU helps you reliably and economically run your UPS unit.