ESS30-S Electronic Circuit Protector

Permanent availability is a top priority in factory automation. For a reliable DC 24-volt protection, you need electronic overcurrent protection. It reliably detects overcurrent and short-circuits, and features a selectable trip limit. In the event of a failure, a switch mode power supply will not provide enough current to make conventional protective elements trip. Long cables and the resulting resistance values are further impediments.

The electronic circuit breaker combines current limitation and electronic overcurrent protection with VDE and UL-compliant physical isolation. This allows international use of the globally unique ESS30-S plug-in type circuit breaker, saving precious planning capacities.

The ESS30-S needs significantly less energy, and is therefore extremely cost-effective. It produces less heat, and scores top marks with a long lifespan. In addition, it features a very compact design, which helps to save space in control cabinets.

ESS30-S, a synonym for standard compliant physical isolation and highest system availability in a single device.