Module 18Plus Power Distribution System

The 18plus power distribution system is a complete mounting and power distribution system with state-of-the-art push-in technology for DIN rail mounting that provides panel builders with:

  • Modularity: Engineers specify the system configuration based on his application
  • Flexibility: Side by side mounting of single pole plug-in circuit breakers with various technologies
  • Efficiency: Integral power distribution – additional connecting terminals and connection cables are not required

18Plus Power Distribution System Technical Specifications

Voltage range DC 24 V (optionally up to DC 80 V)
Main circuits current rating IN EM supply module: max. 80 A, max. 16 mm²
Load circuits current rating IN AM connection module: max. 20 A, max. 4 mm²

Auxiliary circuit current rating IN

with integral base load and LED

SM signalling module: max. 1 A at DC 24 V, max. 4 mm²
(min. 10 mA at DC 10 V)

typically 12 mA at DC 24 V

Connection technology push-in terminals with coloured pushers
Width x height approx. 13 x 130 mm per module
Mounting method DIN rail mounting
Temperature range -30 °C... +60 °C
Standards/approvals (pending) IEC EN 60947-7-1/UL 1059
Accommodating plug-in type models ESS30-S, ESX10, 2210-S, ESX50D-S