The compact power package

The bus controller CPC10PB offers the possibility to protect, to control, to monitor and parameterise your DC 24V load circuits.

The system transparency will be significantly increased and downtimes of the system will be minimised. The ControlPlex Board SVS201-CP consists of the bus controller CPC10, the power distribution system SVS201-PWR for 8, 16 or 24 slots and the parameterisable electronic circuit protector ESX50D-S.
(Image: Example CPC10PB-T4)

ControlPlex® Bus Controller CPC10PB-Tx:

  • PROFIBUS-DP connection
  • Control of load circuits
  • Recording of measuring data and status information of the electronic circuit protector
  • Circuit protectors are fully parameterisable
  • Power distribution up to 40A with reduced wiring time
  • Selective overcurrent protection with integral current limitation
  • Parameterisable, also via USB service interface

More components:

  • Intelligent electronic circuit protector ESX50D-S

    Intelligent electronic circuit protector ESX50D-S

    Safety and system transparency on the DC 24V level

    The communication interface allows transmission of the recorded measuring values and status signals to the bus controller CPC10 and subsequent forwarding to a superordinate programmable control unit.
    This allows flexible adjustment of the current rating and its parameters to the requirements of the system and its direct controllability So the user can import the relevant information regarding his DC 24 V voltage supply and process it accordingly. The ESX50D-S is available in two different versions. 
    For adjustment of the load conditions the version ESX50D-S110 allows adjustment of the current rating by means of a rotary switch on the circuit protector in a range of 1 A to 10 A. The version ESX50D-S100 can completely be parameterised via the superordinate control unit and thus offers unlimited access to all important settings of the electronic circuit protector.

    ControlPlex®® Intelligent circuit protector ESX50D:

    • Communication capability with superordinate control units which are programmable from memory
    • Import and adjust parameters of the device
    • Remote control of load outputs and selective load protection
    • All types of loads can be connected (DC 24 V motors upon request)
    • Active current limitation when switching on capacitive loads up to 20,000 µF and in the event of overload/short circuit
    • Whole-number adjustable current ratings from 1A to 10 A
    • by means of rotary switch and superordinate control unit
    • Reliable overload disconnection typically from 1.2 x IN even with long load lines or small cable cross sections
    • Manuel ON/OFF switch (S1)
    • Clear status indication through LED and signalling to the superordinate control system
    • Integral fail-safe element
    • Width per channel only 12.5 mm
    • Plug-in type mounting on power distribution system SVS201-PWR-xx


    Data sheet ESX50D-S (pdf)

  • Power distribution SVS201-PWR

    Power distribution SVS201-PWR

    ControlPlex Board SVS201-PWR:
    Power distribution on a superior level

    The consistent communication capabilities of the power distribution system type SVS201-PWR help to meet the requirements of automation technology with regard to reliable overcurrent protection and optimised current distribution on the DC 24 V level.

    The power distribution board SVS201-PWR-xxx for rail mounting is available in a number of versions from 8 to 24 slots. The total possible current of the system is max. 40A and the connected loads are selectively protected by means of the electronic circuit protector type ESX50D with a max. load current of 10A per slot.

    The line entry for the DC 24 V supply as well as the load output terminals are designed as push-in terminals so that the entire system can be wired quickly and cost-effectively.

    ControlPlex® Intelligent power distribution system SVS201-PWR:

    • Intelligent power distribution system for bus-capable circuit protectors type ESX50D
    • Power distribution and selective protection of DC 24 V load circuits all in one unit
    • Systematic integration of protection and distribution functions
    • Clearly laid-out distribution concept
    • Profitability through extremely reduced wiring time
    • Reduction of planning, design and installation time
    • Ease of maintenance, diagnosis and system extension


    Data sheet:<media _blank d svs201> SVS201-PWR (pdf)</media></media>


Stromverteiler SVS201-PWR

ControlPlex®® Board SVS201-PWR:
Stromverteilung auf höchstem Niveau

Der Stromverteiler vom Typ SVS201-PWR erfüllt durch seine durchgängige Kommunikationsfähigkeit die Anforderungen der Automatisierungstechnik im Hinblick auf sicheren Überstromschutz und optimierte Stromverteilung der DC 24 V-Ebene.

Der Stromverteiler SVS201-PWR-xxx für DIN-Hutschienenmontage ist verfügbar in den unterschiedlichen Ausbaustufen von 8 bis 24 Steckplätzen. Dabei beträgt der Gesamtstrom des Systems maximal 40 A und sichert die angeschlossenen Lasten mit den elektronischen Sicherungsautomaten ESX50D, mit einem maximalen Laststrom von 10A pro Steckplatz selektiv ab.

Die Einspeisung für die 24 V DC-Versorgung sowie die Lastabgangsklemmen sind in Push-In Technologie ausgeführt, so dass das System Kosten sparend zu verdrahten ist.

Intelligenter Stromverteiler SVS201-PWR:

  • Intelligenter Stromverteiler für kommunikationsfähige Schutzschalter ESX50D
  • Stromverteilung und selektive Absicherung von DC 24 V-Lastkreisen aus einer Hand
  • Systematische Integration von Schutz- und Verteilerfunktionen
  • Übersichtliches Verteilungskonzept
  • Wirtschaftlichkeit durch einen stark reduzierten Verdrahtungsaufwand
  • Reduzierter Aufwand für Planung, Konstruktion und Einbau
  • Vereinfachte Wartung, Diagnose und Erweiterung

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