Type E-1072-100

99 mm
Typ E-1072-100 von E-T-A: Das E-T-A-Schutzschaltrelais E-1072-100 ist ein zweipoliger elektronischer Schaltverstärker.


The E-T-A Solid State Remote Power Controller E-1072-100 is a double pole electronic switching amplifier suitable for resistive and inductive loads (solenoids, magnetic brakes etc.) as well as for lamp loads and capacitive loads.

The double pole electronic switching output eliminates inadvertent start-up or dangerous machine movements as may arise upon a ground fault in systems with ungrounded power supply (‘IT systems’) (see Machinery Directive 98/37/EG or EN 60204 part 1, para.


定格電圧 DC 24 V
操作電圧 DC 19.2...36 V
極数 2極
負荷回路の物理遮断 after approx. 200 ms
信号出力 fault signalisation short circuit via signal contact (N/O)
group signalisation via relay contact (N/O)
状態表示 control current (In/Ctrl)
O. K.
fault (Error)
取付方法 DINレール取付 (EN 50 022-35x7.5)


  • (鉄鋼プラント)
  • オートメーションシステム


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