Engineering Technology

Type: 1410-F1


Miniaturised single pole rocker switch/thermal circuit breaker combining ON/OFF switching and extremely fast overload performance in a single component (S-type TO CBE to EN 60934/IEC 934). Under overload conditions an internal neon (filament bulb for low voltages) illuminates to give a clear signal of the tripped status of the mechanism and thereby the cause of power interruption, suffix -B. Alternatively the illumination can be conventionally wired to indicate the ON status of the device, suffix -E. Returning the rocker switch through the OFF position and back ON will reset the mechanism and restore the supply. Largely temperature-insensitive.

Complies with CBE standard EN 60934 (IEC 60934).



  • AC 240 V
  • DC 28 V (DC 50 V upon request)
  • UL/CSA: AC 250 V
  • UL/CSA: DC 50 V
  • UL DC 60 V
定格電流 from 0.63 A until 10 A  
極数 single pole
取付方法 flange
取付方法 blade terminals
ドライブ rocker
補助接点 without auxiliary contacts
防水保護 without water splash protection
照光 with illumination
without illumination
標準寿命 30,000 operations for IN<= 6.3 A AC/DC

10,000 operations for IN > 6.3 A AC

3,000 operations for IN > 6.3 A DC

500 break operations at 2 x IN
遮断容量 Icn 0.63...2 A: 12 x IN

2.5...8 A: 8 x IN AC, max 50 A

10 A: 6 x IN AC

3.15...10 A: 10 x IN DC
取得規格 CSA, UL



  • ライティング装置
  • 医療機器
  • 家庭用機器、ガーデニング装置、園芸装置など
  • 負極48V電源装置
  • 通信機器、データセンタ