Engineering Technology

Type: E-1071-623/627


The E-T-A Solid State Remote Power Controllers E-1071-623/627 are electronic control modules suitable for inductive loads such as electromagnetic valves (solenoids), magnetic brakes etc.

They are used:

  • for safe and quick switching of loads
  • for monitoring the electrical condition of the loads
  • for compensating different cable lengths

The load connected to the relay should be operated with a higher voltage (DC 28…60 V) than its rated voltage (DC 24 V) because the load current is controlled electronically (pulse-controlled characteristics). This is to ensure that in industrial plants with different cable lengths (supply cables, load cables) an increased inrush current can be applied to each load. During hold duty the load current is reduced to a smaller value (approx. 60 % of the current rating), thus reducing the operating temperature and extending the life of the loads.

The double pole electronic switching output prevents inadvertent start-up or dangerous machine movements as may arise upon a ground fault in systems with ungrounded power supply (‘IT systems’) (see EC Machinery Directive or EN 60204 part 1 "Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of Machines”, para

Will be discontinued - available until 31.03.2019



定格電流 DC 24 V
操作電圧 DC 28...60 V
極数 2-pole
Physical isolation of load circuit after approx. 10 s
信号出力 ON and fault indication via opto coupler
表示 control current



wire break
取付方法 rail to
EN 50 022-35x7.5



  • パワーエンジニアリング DC24V
  • 化学、オイル・ガス工場
  • 鉄鋼プラント