Type: PowerPlex® TouchPC Software


The PowerPlex® TouchPC Software provides Graphical User Interfaces for Windows-based Touch PCs. The software is a system extension to easily and conveniently control the electrical systems on board with PowerPlex®. Design and operating concepts are specially adapted to customer needs.

The PowerPlex® TouchPC Software allows easy and simultaneous switching of electrical loads, displaying sensor data, creating and displaying alarms. Furthermore, the system enhances safety on board, e. g. monitoring the activities of bilge pumps or providing immediate warning when defined tank level limits are exceeded. The GUI can be configured via XML-files. This allows the user to create tailor-made layouts of switches and instruments on up to ten screens, and displaying these on a Touch PC. Additionally, the software provides predefined pages for direct system access (fusebox), displaying the active alarms and the alarm history, and setup options.



ご注文型式 特徴

USB/CAN Konverter


USB/CAN Konverter (optoentkoppelt)


  • 船舶、RV

Product Certificates

  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Lloyd''s Register
  • E1 Approval

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