Type: SVS18


185 mm
Typ SVS18 von E-T-A: Das Stromverteilungssystem SVS18 optimiert die DC 24 V-Verteilung in der automatisierten Prozesstechnik.

The power distribution system SVS18 optimises the DC 24 V distribution in automation and process control, in the production area of the chemical industry and in power plants. The power distribution system SVS18 DIN rail mounting distributes all voltage potentials supplied by a 24 V power supply (SMPS) onto 6/10 ways F1 to F6/F10 (arranged from right to left).

The system offers 2 integral redundancy diodes in each protected load output and selectively protects the connected loads such as controls, transformers, actuators, magnetic yoke sub-assemblies, bus modules etc. by means of the circuit breaker fitted.

With a max. total current of 25 A and a typical load current of 3 A per way (max. 6 A in limited continuous duty) the SVS18 provides ease of distribution and sub-distribution in short-circuit-limited DC 24 V applications.

All auxiliary contacts (make contacts) of the plugged-in circuit breakers are connected in series and allow group signalling in accordance with the closed-circuit principle. The protected »L+« load outputs with 2 redundancy diodes per way significantly reduce the otherwise standard wiring time. All terminals of the DC 24 V supply, load outputs with 0 V return conductor as well as the signalling terminals are screwless spring-loaded terminals.


取付方法 DIN: レール
サーキットプロテクタタイプ 電子式
最大定格電圧 DC +24 V
サーキットプロテクタ・ブレーカ型式 ESS30


ご注文型式 特徴



  • オートメーションシステム
  • パワーエンジニアリング DC24V
  • 化学、オイル・ガス工場
  • 製薬・食品工場
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