Type: ETR10

The Electronic Timer Relay ETR10 is a solid state relay and provides three major functions within a single device:

  • timer function
  • relay function
  • protective function


The numerous timer functions can be selected within very wide limits and the protective function can also be adjusted very flexibly to the application.

The ETR10 is available in a 4-pole or 7-pole Mini automotive standard relay enclosure with ratings from 1 A through 30 A. It is suitable for vehicles with 12 V DC or 24 V DC electrical system voltage.


定格電流 DC 12 V/ DC 24 V
操作電圧 DC 9...32 V
極数 1-pole


  • 商用車
  • 自動車
  • 船舶、RV
  • 鉄道


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