Type: MPR10

~ 91 mm

The single pole power relays MPR10 and HPR10 have been designed for switching high current loads and for disconnecting the battery from the on-board electrical system. The mechanical power relay type MPR10 is:

  • are energy saving and help to reduce the CO2 emissions
  • are ideally suitable for high loads
  • can easily be integrated into existing vehicle designs
  • can directly be used without any changes on the controlgear


The MPR10 is a bistable relay, i.e. a short current impulse is required only for the switching operation. The contact is then held in its position by permanent magnets without current.


定格電圧 DC 12 V
DC 24 V
操作電圧 DC 16...32 V
DC 9...16 V
定格電流 100 A
200 A
300 A
極数 1-pole
負荷回路の物理遮断 1 (NO)
温度範囲 -40° C … +85° C
取付方法 M4 connectors side and foot
foot flange
holes with compression limiter
side flange
デザイン Cylindrical enclosure
特徴 Mechanical power relay for harsh application conditions.

Extremely power saving due to a bistable drive, which only needs energy during switching operations.
リレー方式 mechanical


  • 商用車
  • 自動車
  • 船舶、RV
  • 鉄道


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