Type: REX12D-T

80 mm
Typ REX12D-T von E-T-A: Zweikanalig beliebig modular anreihbaren elektronischen Sicherungsautomaten REX12D-T.

The compact and flexible all-in-one solution REX consists of several perfectly matched components. It comprises the EM12D-T / EM12-T supply module for the plus and minus potential via a single or double channel REX12D-T electronic circuit protector which can be mounted side by side in any number and the PM12-T potential extension module for plus and minus multiplication.

The requirements regarding modern machinery and equipment are constantly growing. System transparency, remote maintenance and remote access are getting more and more important in international competition. Early notification in the event of any disturbances and a fast response to current problems will increase system availability, save costs and improve the overall stability of the production process.

E-T-A provides the ideal solution for machine and panel builders with the intelligent REX12D protection system and the EM12D interface module. The system combines the well-proven quality of DC24V overcurrent protection with the communication options of the IO link and Modbus-RTU system. It allows complete transparency of the DC24V power supply and provides all necessary information for a reliable production process in this plant sector.

The modules with a width of only 12.5 mm feature push-in technology including press release buttons and allow time-saving and maintenance-free wiring without tools.

And what is more: no additional accessories are required when connecting the individual components electrically and mechanically. This helps save time and money!


定格電圧 DC 24 V (18...30 V)
定格電流 1 A / 1 A
2 A / 2 A
3 A / 3 A
4 A / 4 A
6 A / 6 A
8 A
10 A
1 A-10 A adjustable
Number of channels 1 and 2
状態表示 1 LED green/orange/red: status/fault
端子形状 PT-terminals
取付方法 DIN rail
取得規格 UL2367 DC 24 V UL1310 NEC Class2 DC 24 V UL508 (listed) DC 24 V


ご注文型式 特徴
EM12D-TMB-000-DC24V-40A supply module, COM, Modbus RTU, coming soon
EM12D-TIO-000-DC24V-40A supply module, COM, IO link
PM12-T01-00-LOAD-20A potential module, 10 terminals 2.5mm², 1 x line entry, 9 x LOAD
PM12-T02-00-LOAD-20A potential module, 10 terminals 2.5mm², 2 x line entry separate, 4 x LOAD each
PM12-T03-00-GND-20A potential module, 10 terminals 2.5mm²
EM12-T00-300-GND-40A supply module, mid/right, GND – 0V
EM12-T00-000-GND-40A standard, supply module GND – 0V
EM12-T00-200-LINE-40A supply module, mid, LINE disconnected
EM12-T00-100-LINE-40A supply module, mid/right, LINE connected


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