Type: REX12-T

80 mm
Typ REX12-T von E-T-A: Der Sicherungsautomat REX12-T bietet selektiven Überstomschutz.

The electronic circuit protector REX12 consists of the supply module EM12-T and the single-channel or double-channel electronic circuit protector REX12-T for side-by-side mounting.

The only 12.5 mm wide modules feature push-in technology and allow no-tool time-saving wiring.

Depending on the requirement, up to 16 circuit protectors can be placed on the symmetrical rail and are electrically connected by means of a flap-hinged mechanism - no further accessories required. The circuit protector REX12-T offers selective overcurrent protection by responding to short circuit or overload faster than the switched mode power supply.

Capacitive loads of up to 20,000µF can be switched on without problems. The circuit protectors are available in all standard current ratings from 1 A to 10 A. Ease of adjustment to cable cross section is ensured by the internal fail-safe element (blade fuse) which is directly adjusted to the current rating of the circuit protector.


定格電圧 DC 24 V (18...30 V)
  • DC 24 V
定格電流 1 A / 1 A
2 A / 2 A
3 A / 3 A
4 A / 4 A
6 A / 6 A
8 A
10 A
1 A-10 A adjustable
Number of channels 1 and 2
負荷遮断 with short circuit/overload: < 10 ms
overload: typically 3 s
状態表示 1 LED green/orange/red: status/fault
端子形状 PT-terminals
取付方法 DIN rail
取得規格 UL2367 DC 24 V UL1310 NEC Class2 DC 24 V UL508 (listed) DC 24 V


ご注文型式 特徴
EM12-T00-000-DC24V-40A supply module, standard, without auxiliary contact
EM12-T00-000-GND-40A standard, supply module GND – 0V
EM12-T00-200-LINE-40A supply module, mid, LINE disconnected
EM12-T00-100-LINE-40A supply module, mid/right, LINE connected
EM12-T01-001-DC24V-40A standard, auxiliary contact (make contact)
PM12-T01-00-LOAD-20A potential module, 10 terminals 2.5mm², 1 x line entry, 9 x LOAD
PM12-T03-00-GND-20A potential module, 10 terminals 2.5mm²
PM12-T02-00-LOAD-20A potential module, 10 terminals 2.5mm², 2 x line entry separate, 4 x LOAD each


  • オートメーションシステム
  • オートメーション・プロセスコントロール


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