Type: ESS30-S

60 mm
Typ ESS30-S von E-T-A: mit galvanischer Trennung; einzigartige Elektronischer Überstromschutz für DC 24 V Anwendungen

The electronic circuit protector ESS30-S with physical isolation is the globally unique electronic overcurrent protection for DC 24 V applications as a “low energy breaker”. For the use in decentralised and centralised power supply units, it meets the requirements to DIN EN 60934, to UL1077 as a Supplementary Protector and to UL 1310 as “Class2 power unit” (NEC class2). The compact device can be plugged into the terminal blocks 17plus and 18plus and into the SVS power distribution systems and ensures quick and easy installation.

New: now also adjustable versions available!


操作電圧 DC 24 V (18...30 V)
  • DC 24 V
定格電流 0.5 A
1 A
1 A/2 A adjustable
2 A
3 A
3 A/6 A adjustable
3,6 A
4 A
6 A
8 A
10 A
極数 1-pole
負荷遮断 with physical isolation
trip times:
short circuit: typically 150 ms...500 ms
overload: typically 500 ms
電流制限 typically 1,2 x IN
状態表示 1 LED green/orange/red: status/fault
端子形状 blade terminals 6.3 mm
取付方法 plug-in type,
取得規格 UL 1077 DC 24 V, UL 2367 DC 24 V, UL1310 (NEC Class 2) DC 24 V, VDE IEC/EN 60934 DC 24 V


  • オートメーションシステム
  • パワーエンジニアリング DC24V
  • 化学、オイル・ガス工場
  • 自動車製造ラインシステム


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