ESX10-T Electronic Circuit Protector

Electronic DC 24 V circuit protectors help detect overcurrents and short circuits in your machinery faster. This significantly increases machine uptime. Switch-mode power supplies do not provide enough current to trip an MCB. Long cables, and the resulting resistance values are further impediments. Only electronic circuit protectors offer effective protection because their trip threshold is lower without tripping fast.

The adjustable current ratings make the ESX10-T electronic circuit protector appropriate for mechanical engineering, and plant construction. It protects all types of loads, including remote control and signaling. The modular design of the single-channeled ESX10-T allows ideal specification to the application, and to the number of elements to be protected. Active current limitation causes the ESX10-T to respond faster than the supply. The switch-mode power supply is used more more efficiently, and voltage dips are prevented.

The ESX10-T ensures superior availability of your machinery.

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