EPR10 Electronic Power Relay increases productive service times of utility vehicles

The EPR electronic power relay was designed for utility vehicles and special vehicles with a focus on reliability and functional safety. Its novel design allows new rooms to manoeuvre in vehicle construction and installation. The EPR10 is suitable for high continuous currents up to 200A at DC 24 V.

Sophisticated terminal design allows space reduction up to 80%

Unlike conventional solid state relays the EPR10 does not require a heat sink. The parallel connection of high-end power semi-conductors is balanced by a sophisticated terminal design and an optimised thermal management. The internal resistance values are so low that heat dissipation is easily possible by means of the connecting cables.

Enhance the service times of utility vehicles

The EPR10 helps reduce service and maintenance times and increases availability, because it is able to perform many more operating cycles (life span) than similar mechanical relays. In addition there is no arcing. The robust design of the EPR10 makes it resistant against harsh environmental conditions (dust, humidity, shock and vibration).

Reduction of C02 emission

  • Solid state relays like the EPR10 help to reduce C02 emissions. The constantly low internal resistance and the very low holding current of the relay lead to a significantly reduced power loss.
  • EPR10 allows flexible design
  • It can be installed in hardly accessible areas because it will not have to be replaced during maintenance due to its long life span.
  • It features silent switching operation in the passenger compartment.
  • It works in any possible mounting position.

Cost reduction

  • No blade fuses required in the side-path
  • Protection against overcurrent and short circuit
  • Integral monitoring function of the current flow
  • No heat sink required


The present EPR10 design only allows one current direction. This device was optimised for switching on and off powerful loads in DC24V on-board electrical systems. We are preparing a separate version for applications where the current can flow in both directions.Please contact us in case you are interested in such a version.

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