Bistable MPR10 relay - optimising energy and
CO2 consumption

The bistable MPR10 relay has particularly been designed for demanding applications in utility vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and special vehicles. Typical applications of the MPR10 include switching of high current loads and disconnecting the battery from the on-board electrical system. It is water-proof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof and voltage-proof over the entire life span.

Your benefits:

  • The MPR10 is energy saving and helps reduce the CO2 emissions
  • The MPR10 helps meet the exhaust emission standards EURO 6 and Tier 4f
  • The MPR10 helps increase the productive service times of vehicles

Why replace a monostable relay by a bistable one?

As a bistable relay the MPR10 does not need permanent energy supply for the switching operation, but only a short current pulse. The contact is then held in its position by permanent magnets without current. The electrical holding power is thus no longer required. In addition the relay does not heat up up to 70°C. Further CO2 reduction is achieved by means of weight reduction of more than 300 g compared to standard pot relays.

Sample calculation:

Standard monostable relays product a constant power loss of up to 20 Watt. If only one monostable relay were replaced by an MPR10, the CO2 consumption could be reduced by nearly 3 kg (annual mileage of 100,000 km). 

Intended use for Exhaust Emission Standard EURO 6: 

Presently the MPR10 is the only device in the market approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Transport  Authority (KBA). It is additionally certified as follows:

  • Water and dust protection (IP6k9k and/or IP67)
  • Fire hazard (ECE R118)
  • ISO16750
  • ECE R118
  • E1 approval

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